MOONCALVES Now on Kindle, Plus: Podcasts! And New Work from JAW McCarthy

Just wanted to swing by and spread the word that Mooncalves is now available digitally through the Amazon Kindle store! It looks quite good. If you’ve read it, or you know someone who has, have them throw us a review, yeah? There or over on Goodreads. I’m not even asking for charitable takes, though obviously I appreciate them. Personally, when I’m looking for new books to read, I trust public reception more and more the farther it roams from perfect 5 star consensus. In my view, a 3.75 is a true 5.

Last week, I made a personal appearance on the Elder Sign podcast to discuss Brian Evenson’s (of Mooncalves fame!) wonderful 2009 story “Windeye”, collected in the book of the same name from Coffee House Press. It was incredible fun; there are few things I love more than a deep read (which contributes to the agony and ecstasy of being an editor). I also led into that discussion by talking a little bit about how Mooncalves came about.

I also recorded an interview with the inimitable Anya Martin at The Outer Dark, a forum close to my heart, specifically about Mooncalves, and I solicited nine (9!) excerpt recordings from Adam Golaski, JAW McCarthy, Glen Hirshberg, Ernest Ogunyemi, Janalyn Guo, Lisa Tuttle, Chelsea Sutton, Jamie Corbacho, and Briar Ripley Page… I believe at this point we’re planning to split those readings into two episodes, because Anya is magnanimous that way.

The season’s turning itself here in Oregon – not quite as dramatic (dare I say romantic) as the big swings in Colorado, but I am adjusting nicely. And Spring always brings out an urge to create in me. In a few weeks’ time I hope to have NOPE#2 moving into the publication pipeline, for a target of August 2023.

Beyond that? Provided I meet with no catastrophes I would like to release more collections, or perhaps a series of chapbooks… There are so many great writers I want to work with, to continue working with. It’s just a matter of considering my resources and ensuring I can do right by the people I work with.

Next up on this blog will be a short (and I have to admit, tardy) interview with the aforementioned Brian Evenson. Though now that I’ve reread most of the Windeye collection, I have more thoughts simmering. It may well go up after the Outer Dark episode. We’ll see where things go.

Last but not least, our own JAW McCarthy is releasing her first short novel, entitled Sleep Alone (Outer Limits Press), in exactly one week from the time of this writing. I know she’s been working on it for a minute, and there’s no doubt in my mind it will match or even surpass the quality of her short stories. I’ve got my copy pre-ordered; get yours!

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