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by Adam Golaski

No Press is proud to present Adam Golaski’s STONE GODS. This new collection of strange stories marks Adam’s long-awaited return to horror, following the now cult-classic Worse Than Myself (Raw Dog Screaming, 2008). STONE GODS features 15 stories of lives and places set askew.

Stone Gods is A Publishers Weekly BookLife Editor’s Pick: “Golaski’s exploration of the human experience through the supernatural is immersive and self-exploratory. The final story, ‘A Rainbow Summer,’ employs storytelling itself as a potent instrument. A father breathes life into the animals in Noah’s Ark, masterfully capturing the very essence of Stone Gods and what Golaski achieves within these memorable, sharply crafted stories.”

And praised by Kirkus Reviews: “In measured prose, Golaski’s work recalls that of H.P. Lovecraft with surreal shades of Leonora Carrington’s or Silvina Ocampo’s work. Logic goes out the window in these atmospheric, symbolic tales. A celebration of the strange, cleverly told across stylistic forms.”

Stone Gods is now available for preorder in paperback, $18 plus shipping, for release in early 2024:

More praise for STONE GODS:

“Adam Golaski is an original… The strangeness of his fiction is palpable as we journey seamlessly from an ordinary world intensely described to hallucinogenic hells and then back again… These tales are masterful explorations into alienation and disconnection.” 
— Steve Rasnic Tem, World Fantasy Award-winning author of Ubo and The Man on the Ceiling (with Melanie Tem)

“Adam Golaski’s Stone Gods is an essential entry into the modern canon of the strange story. With hypnotic prose and bold stylistic strokes, these stories poke holes through reality’s thin spaces, destabilizing the dream of normalcy and letting the unknowable peer inside. By turns unsettling, horrifying, and beguiling, there is no safe space inside these pages or — once you’ve read Stone Gods — outside of them either.”
– Gordon B. White, author of As Summer’s Mask Slips, And Other Disruptions

“Adam Golaski’s Stone Gods is a subversive distillation of literary dexterity and allegory, both personal and universal.  By the time we notice one of life’s anomalies, readers will find that Golaski has already captured it, placed it under a cerebral bell jar, and altered his specimen into something both instructive and alchemically unconventional.”
— Clint Smith, author of The Skeleton Melodies

Praise for Worse Than Myself:

“Adam Golaski has an enviable talent for the insidiously weird. His images creep into the imagination and stay in the mind like nightmares you didn’t know you had. He’s a writer of real originality, subtlety, and eloquent suggestiveness.”
—Ramsey Campbell, The Grin of the Dark

“A strong collection with enough variation to keep readers riveted from the first story to the last. Worse Than Myself has the impulses of traditional horror but keeps things a little more open, inflecting the forms we’re familiar with and making them startlingly fresh again.”
—Brian Evenson, author of The Open Curtain

“In spare, luminous prose, Golaski conjures a unique blend of strangeness
and menace. His vividly real characters are illuminated by the
supernatural, even as it disrupts and changes their lives in ways that
are variously enigmatic, disturbing and downright frightening.”
—Christopher Harman, author of In the Fields and The Last to Be

“Lyrical, unsettling, and deeply evocative, Adam Golaski’s stories lure readers through deceptively familiar portals: rural roadside diners, uninhabited river islands, shadowed woods. But inside are worlds fresh and strange, haunted as much by loneliness as fear, where the living and the less-than-dead alternately terrify and cling to each other.”
—Glen Hirshberg, American Morons

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