A Week of Kindness

This past week I announced that I’d be converting all revenues from Mooncalves from that particular week to donations toward two LBTQ+ charities out UK way, Galop and the Scottish Trans Alliance.

The amount raised was respectable – I was hoping for more, but perhaps due to my limited reach, or the limited funds of people out there in the world these days (I’m sure many folks have already given to local or national charities), the turnout was modest. In any event, I’m grateful.

All told, we raised $166.05 over the course of the week — I’m including shipping costs in that and after converting currencies I’m throwing in some of my own walking around money to bring it all to a cool 200 pounds sterling (what’s the shortcut for the pound currency symbol? I’ll never find out) which comes out ultimately to approx $242.04 American. Not bad!

Here’s our receipt from Galop:

100 lbs to Galop!

And from the Scottish Trans Alliance:

Thank you to everyone who donated and spread the word! And to everyone fighting for the lives of people made, senselessly, to struggle. To me you are a diamond.

Next up — I have to transcribe that Brian Evenson interview I was talking about. And I have a reading from the inimitable Christi Nogle after that! And more author interviews. Talk soon.

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