About NO

The NO Press Logo, by HR Hegnauer

NO is a small, American independent press founded in 2021. It specializes in literary, experimental fiction; Mooncalves, our debut anthology in hardcover, will be published in 2023, followed shortly thereafter by Adam Golaski’s third collection, Stone Gods. NO was founded by John WM Thompson, with help from informal co-conspirators from anywhere and everywhere. Occasional announcements and musings can be found on our blog or on Twitter @No_Publishing.

Site design (to the degree that it exists) by John WM Thompson. Logos and visuals for the press and for Mooncalves by HR Hegnauer.

email: nopresspublishing@gmail.com
Twitter: @No_Publishing

Our Writers
Nathan Breakenridge
Elwin Cotman
Brian Evenson
Adam Golaski
Sasha Geffen
Janalyn Guo
Glen Hirshberg
Meghan Lamb
Thomas Mavroudis
Mark G. Mayer
Christi Nogle
J.A.W. McCarthy
Jeff Wood
Ernest Ògúnyẹmí
Briar Ripley Page
Sofia Samatar
Chelsea Sutton
Steve Rasnic Tem
Lisa Tuttle
L. Marie Wood

Friends and Accomplices
HR Hegnauer
Evelyn Hampton
Gretchen Felker-Martin
Crystal Lake Publishing
Tartarus Press
Centipede Press
Lighthouse Writers Workshop

General Influence
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