Update: MOONCALVES in Transit, Imminent Promo, and NOPE#2

Greetings from NO! First, I must apologize for my relative silence (I feel like I’ve done that before, and if so, again); I meant to get the ball rolling on promotion for Mooncalves over the last month and a half, but life conspired to distract me. Long story short, I was laid off from my previous position in early October, and my job search consumed two months of my day-to-day. I considered mentioning that, here on the blog, but even as this change did not and has not affected Mooncalves‘s status, doing so would have only raised concerns to be addressed, and I had neither time nor energy to field that own-goal.

As of yesterday, two things happened: I gained employment once again, and the entire run of Mooncalves hardcovers began shipping to the new NO HQ in Corvallis, Oregon. It should arrive before the end of the year, and contributor copies will be going out soon thereafter. I’m moving from Denver for my new job job, and while the move will take time and money, over the next few months my income should be increasing quite substantially; there is a real possibility that NO could spread its wings. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, Mooncalves is not a business venture, in that I didn’t factor in potential sales in the cost of making it real.

So after my move next week, I’m committing to doing some promo, here on the blog, and hopefully elsewhere. I’ll also fully build out the preorder/ordering page (you can currently preorder here: https://no-press.org/mooncalves/) to reflect all the details of what you’ll be getting. Look out for that in the coming weeks!

Beyond that, I’ve signed NO’s second release: the third collection from Adam Golaski, tentatively titled Stone Gods. Adam’s work has always captivated and shaken me, and this collection is, I dare to say, his most startling work yet. So if Mooncalves is NO Press Editions #1, Stone Gods will be NOPE#2. It will get its own post soon.

One other bit of housekeeping, certainly not the least: Given that I’m my own boss, I’ve reflected on the previously announced June release date for Mooncalves, and given that Stone Gods will more than likely be ready for sale around that time, I’m planning on bumping Mooncalves up its original April release, perhaps even earlier. It may depend on the promo I can put together; I feel I owe it to my authors not to be haphazard about it.

Everything is coming together, the culmination of years of work. At this point, waiting is the hardest part.

With love,
John WM Thompson

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